Monday, February 05, 2007


Adjacent to the Opera House are the Royal Botanic Gardens, a sprawling park in the center of the city. After about an hour, I entered an area with tall trees and thick brush and heard a terrible racket. There must be hundreds of birds here, I thought, some species you wouldn’t want to living next door. But when I looked up it wasn’t birds, it was bats. Hundreds of fat furry creatures hanging upside down in the trees, occasionally flapping their wings and screeching. It is a species called the Grey-Headed FLying Fox, or fruit bats. They are found only in Australia and are some of the largest bats in the world.

As much as I prepared for this trip, the best moments will be the ones where I’m taken by surprise. No one told me I'd see a colony of bats in the middle of a major metropolis. Great stuff.

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Blogger Lizzie972 said...

That's bat-erific! And here I was excited for pictures of Koala bears...can't wait to see what else you find in those parks...

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Senior Poopy Pants said...

Flying Foxes are huge, cute and wickedly intelligent. I want one.

No more lousy T-Shirts Klein! The last one smelled funny.

Bring back bats!

6:17 AM  

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