Thursday, February 08, 2007

Making Plans (update)

I changed my plans at the last minute and will be spending the weekend in Canberra (pronounced CAN-bra). The change was the result of booking a trip out of Adelaide next week and wanting enough time to enjoy Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road before crossing the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia.


My last day in Sydney marks the end of my first week on the road. Sydney has been wonderful – a great city to start this adventure and the perfect place to transition to travel mode. However, I have to remember I’m living the life of a traveler not a transplant. Time to get moving!

So this morning over breakfast - Earl Grey tea, cereal and a fresh juicy fig - I sketched out a rough itinerary for the rest of my stay in Australia. The problem with this country is twofold – so much to see and great distances to cover. I came here to experience the outback and the open spaces, so getting out of the big city would serve me well. This means preparing for long bus trips and a domestic flight or two.

My plan is to leave Sydney tomorrow morning and head south to a small town called Kiama. From there, I’ll stop in the capital city of Canberra (no one has anything nice to say about Canberra, so I’m determined to see it) and then on to Melbourne. A trip along the Great Ocean Road will take me to Adelaide, where I plan to sign up for a 9-day trip across South Australia and the Nullarbor Plain to Perth. Then it’s up the west coast through Broome to Darwin, where I’ll hop a flight back to Adelaide for another tour. This one will take me into the center, the great outback, to Uluru and Alice Springs. From Alice, it’s back to Melbourne and a flight to Bali on April 9.


Anonymous kris said...

Awesome! Have you compared knives with anyone yet? "That's not a knife, this is a knife!"

1:01 AM  
Blogger Elisa Lurkis said...

Hey, are you going to call my friend in Canberra?? You better! And she has nothing BUT nice things to say about it there, so watch it!

2:55 AM  

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