Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Three weeks into my trip and it’s time to take inventory. I intentionally left New York without buying everything I might need for the journey, preferring to pick up supplies on the road based on my needs.

In the past few weeks I’ve discarded a few things, sent home some others and picked up gear that I’ll need in the weeks to come. As of today, the following list is evrything I carry. The whole lot weighs about 30 pounds.

Written out it seems like a lot. I've used just about everything on the list at least once. I think I could get by with less.

50 liter backpack
15 liter daypack
1 pair long pants
1 pair short pants
3 t-shirts
4 pairs socks
3 pairs underwear
Swimming trunks
Short sleeve collared shirt
Long-sleeve collared shirt
Short sleeve base-layer shirt
Long-sleeve base-layer shirt
Fleece pullover
Waterproof pullover
Baseball cap
Wide-brimmed hat
Crocs sandals
Merrill hiking shoes
1 Pair plastic-rimmed glasses
1 pair rimless glass
Sunglass clip-on
Large travel towel
Sleep sheet
Travel pillow
Plastic rain poncho
Sony Viao laptop computer
60GB iPod
Canon Powershot 400 camera
Palm Treo 650 triband phone
Swatch watch
Assorted cables and adapters
23 tea bags
Lonely Planet Australia guide
Two books (“The Fatal Shore” and “The World Is Flat”)
Map of Australia
3 thin moleskin notebooks
3 pens
Travel documents
Air mail stationary
Plastic Spork
Swiss Army knife
Small stuffed monkey
Deck of playing cards
1-Liter water bottle
1 roll duct tape
Medical kit (band-aids, prescriptions, antibiotics, etc.)
Roll-on deodorant
Dental floss
Nail clipper
Shaving cream
Hair brush
Sewing kit
Biodegradable soap
Universal drain plug
Small stuff sack
Money belt
Wet wipes
Hand sanitizer
Laundry soap
Insect Repellent
30SPF sunscreen
Assorted plastic bags



Anonymous kris said...

The only necessity I see is the stuffed monkey

11:01 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

never mind the monkey - better come back with a stuffed koala bear.

12:12 PM  

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